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The   Youth   Intervention   Center   is   licensed   by   the   Pennsylvania Department     of     Human     Services      and     abides     by     their regulations .   The   Youth   Intervention   Center   is   a   member   of   the   Juvenile Detention   Centers   and   Alternative   Programs   (JDCAP)    and   the National Partnership for Juvenile Services (NPJS) . Drew Fredericks, Director  The Director of the Youth Intervention Center is appointed by the Lancaster County Board of Commissioners.

Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA)

In    order    to    demonstrate    compliance    with    PREA, juvenile   facilities   such   as   the   Youth   Intervention   Center must     be     audited     every     three     years.     The     Youth Intervention   Center   was   audited   by   a   U.S.   Department of   Justice-certified   PREA   auditor   on   October   24   and 25,     2016.     This     audit     revealed     that     the     Youth Intervention   Center   met   all   the   standards   to   prevent, detect   and   respond   to   prison   rape,   and   exceeded   the standards   in   resident   reporting   requirements.   The   next PREA     audit     scheduled     to     occur     at     the     Youth Intervention Center will take place in October 2019. 2014 PREA Audit Report 2016 PREA Audit Report 2014 PREA Annual Report 2015 PREA Annual Report Facility PREA Policy Reporting Abuse Data Review for Corrective Action Publication PREA Information for Volunteers
Youth Intervention Center
The  Lancaster County Youth Intervention Center participates in the National School Lunch Program which assists the facility in offering a healthy breakfast, lunch and snack to all residents All SFAs must inform families about the availability and location of free meals for students via the Summer Food Service Program. This is required even if the SFA is not participating in the Summer Food Program. Schools may fulfill this requirement through Robo calls, flyers or other methods that notify the community of locations of summer meal sites. Methods to locate sites that serve free meals to children during the summer include the following: • Call 211 • Call 1.866.3Hungry or 1.877.8Hambre • Text “MEALPA” to 877877 during the summer months • Visit the website: (note, this replaces the website) • Use the site locator for smartphones -
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