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Youth Intervention Center


When a resident is admitted to our facility, they will have entered into an extremely structured, disciplined, and educational environment. Upon wake up each day, a resident will experience hygiene, year-round schooling, year-round recreational activities, voluntary religious services, psycho-educational groups, and opportunities for family interaction. Our residents' daily routine is loaded with positive, structured, and life-building programming. Educational Services Shortly after admission, each resident will receive an educational screening and assessment in order to gauge their educational needs. Our school program is provided year-round through the School District of Lancaster. The educational program is culturally sensitive and reflects the racial and ethnic diversity of the community. Family Interaction and Support Our program provides weekly visitation, mail, and telephone services with the goal of promoting appropriate support, interaction, and involvement with family members. Health Services Our medical department is accredited by National Commission on Correctional Health Care (NCCHC) .   We have four full-time LPNs, one full-time RN, and two on-call physicians around the clock that provide routine medical examinations, diagnosis and treatment of medical issues, emergency dental diagnosis and treatment, and medication management services.   Upon arrival to our facility, all juveniles undergo a Receiving Screening and Suicide Assessment within one (1) hour of arrival. All juveniles receive a complete health assessment by medical staff within twenty-four (24) hours. A physical is performed by a licensed provider (PA or CRNP) within ninety-six (96) hours of arrival. A dental exam is performed within thirty (30) days, with a cleaning completed every six (6) months. The intake process also includes a vision and a hearing screening, a PPD, and sickle cell screening for all African American juveniles. All juveniles who arrive on medications, have those medications continued and are seen by either the MD or the Psychiatrist (or Psychiatric CRNP). All juveniles also have the opportunity to request a visit with any provider at any time by submitting a Sick Call request to the Medical Department. When a juvenile is being discharged from the Youth Intervention Center, a “Discharge Summary/Release Information” form will accompany the juvenile along with the remainder of their medications. The “Discharge Summary/Release Information” form includes the following information: medical history medication list TB test and lab results pending Medical appointments all other pertinent information Upon release, the juvenile and/or responsible party and a member of the Medical Department will sign the “Discharge Summary/Release Information” form. One copy of this form is given to the juvenile and another copy is placed in the medical chart.   When a juvenile is being transferred to another facility, a copy of their history & physical, psych. notes, lab results, and dental exams is also included. An updated vaccine record is also included, when available. Recreational Programming Our Program Coordinator provides a structured recreational program that includes a variety of activities that promote physical and mental health. Some of these programs include: Physical Education Nutritional Programs Pet Therapy Girl Scouts Master Gardening Program Art Programs Wellness Works And many more...  Psycho-Educational Programming Our in-house Case Manager facilitates our psycho-educational programs. Some of the topics include: Drug and Alcohol Issues Anger Control Communication Skills Living and Coping with Mental Illness Fatherhood Initiative Preventing Abuse Music Therapy Victim Impact Combating Prejudices and Hatred Religious Programming Our religious program contains a diverse variety of volunteer church groups that accommodate the religious needs of our residents. Our facility has a part-time chaplain and two part-time chaplain assistants, along with over seventeen volunteer church groups. Participation in religious activities is voluntary for our residents.    Jeryl Zimmerman, Chaplaincy Services Clergy Visitation Guidelines